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Kensington, intelligent FM transmitter for iPod

Kensington, smart FM transmitter for iPod logomacitynet1200wide 1

Kensington has unveiled a new iPod FM transmitter. The accessory called QuickSeek stands out from the rest of the lot of the many competitors for the freest and cleanest automatic frequency search function.

The system with which QuickSeek works simple. It connects to the iPod, connects to the battery socket and the search is launched and the system automatically places itself on the channel as disturbed as possible and this in a few seconds.

Among the functions of the accessory: removable power cable (so that the transmitter can also be used at home), the possibility of using the same cable with other accessories powered via USB, audio reproduction quality, three pre-programmed buttons for instant selection, compatibility with all 'full size' iPods, including nano.

The cost for the American market of $ 89.99. In Italy QuickSeek could arrive on AppleStore which for a couple of days has presented a section with different FM transmitters for iPod.

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