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Jobs: we will respect the times on PB and G4

Jobs: we will respect the times on PB and G4 logomacitynet1200wide 1

?No our market by predestination. We cannot think we have acquired positions. We can't relax even if things start to get better. " This is the juice of a speech that Steve Jobs gave yesterday to Apple employees during which the CEO took stock of the current situation of the company Jobs, who for the second time in a few weeks was in front of the Cupertino workers to report of what the company is doing to curb losses and return positively soon. We would like to remind you that such initiatives are considered necessary in the USA where a substantial part of the employees' salary is made up of the profits that come from the actions of the company you work for. In recent months, Apple workers have suffered sharp reductions in their profits due to the collapse of shares and the lack of dividends. "We must not expect a rapid rise in equity values ??- said Jobs – but the worst is still past. A slow recovery and consolidation should be expected in the coming weeks. " According to Jobs, the rise will be helped by the launch of the San Francisco machines whose pre-orders bode well and which will already help a return to profits for the current quarter. The CEO announced that the times announced at the Expo will be respected. The first laptops will arrive to consumers within the next week and that the G4 667 and 733 will be on delivery as early as next month. Apple would have taken advantage of the time elapsed since the beginning of January and the delivery of the machines to optimize the performance of the Panasonic Superdrive that mounted on the 733 allows you to write as well as read DVDs. "The software for creating DVDs and the new firmware will give us an advantage over the competitors (including Compaq) who are deciding these days to follow our steps and adopt the same Superdrive". Jobs then stressed that the launch of MacOs X will happen on March 24 but that the big commercial launch campaign expected for the summer when enough applications have been released. At that juncture, Apple plans to preload MacOs X on all machines, while targeted advertising campaigns in magazines and TV for new laptops are expected to start in the coming days.

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