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IPod games, iQuiz arrives

IPod Games, iQuiz is here logomacitynet1200wide 1

As announced by some news leaks (generated by a store error), Apple has put a new game dedicated to iTunes online. It is iQuiz (click here to access the game page) "a very fast – as Apple says – quiz game made in portable format".

iQuiz allows you to try your hand at music, movies and popular culture TV shows or to test your knowledge of albums, songs and artists on your iPod. You can also create your own quiz packs to share or add quiz packs created by other players.

As you learn from the explanations iQuiz made up of four different games, keeps track of personal and other player statistics.

iQuiz requires iTunes 7.1 for download and iPod 1.2 and a fifth generation iPod. The cost of the game is just 99 cents, a good opportunity to buy a game to try on your iPod for a cheap price

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