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iPhoto: the missing link.

iPhoto: the missing link. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Those who followed the announcements of Steve Jobs in San Francisco and consulted the Apple page that presents iDVD will have noticed that, while for the preparation of the contents filmed to be inserted in the DVDs iMovie is indicated, as regards the insertion of digital still images reference is made to a generic application for the treatment of photos.

From what we are given to understand Apple wants to provide a complete set of applications for the treatment of digital data that can allow the user to easily manage movies (iMovie), music (iTunes) and photography (iPhoto?) As well that personal data from handhelds (Palm Desktop).

If we also evaluate the news introduced by MacOS 9.1 we see that a software that allowed the connection for the transfer of data from digital cameras (present in reduced form also in MacOS X) has been omitted.

These, in our opinion, are only traces of a future application that Apple could make available in the future (to MacWorld Tokyo?) To easily manage the images taken digitally, rotate the original make presentations, create catalogs to be projected on the screen of the mac or directly on TV (let's not forget that iBooks and PowerBooks can be connected directly to a TV) even if you don't have iDVD and its DVD burner.

This would add another piece to the construction of the "Digital Hub" the new function that Steve Jobs attributes to the third generation of personal computers.

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