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iPhone, open platform? Apple is thinking about it

iPhone, open platform? Apple is thinking about it logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has not yet ruled out opening iPhones to third-party applications. This is what was learned directly from Steve Jobs during the meeting with shareholders last Thursday. Jobs, answering some questions from investors, said that the top management of the company are still "debating doubts about it", partially denying himself since in the past the CEO himself had instead said that iPhone would not be an open platform.

Apple had made it known that it was his intention not to open iPhone because a cellphone must always work and At & t cannot afford the luxury of seeing its network on the west coast in crisis just because some apps went haywire. Subsequently, some sources reported that it was Apple's intention to ease the grip on the iPhone by creating a development program that would subject applications to rigorous tests, perhaps using iTunes as a system for distribution and installation. But this rigid system would keep customers like businesses that need an open and easily accessible platform to install customized applications away from iPhone.

It is likely that Apple is evaluating whether to back off by analyzing the phone's target market. If, in fact, it is true that keeping iPhone a system that cannot be easily used by external developers to create applications to be installed on it, stability and security problems are limited, it is equally true that a 'closed' phone limits the market.

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