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iPhone approved by the FCC

iPhone approved by the FCC logomacitynet1200wide 1

iPhone also passes the FCC exam. The certification of the American body that verifies the compatibility of wireless devices with the laws that regulate the exercise of the radio spectrum is recorded by a document posted on the FCC website.

According to when published, Cetecom, an institution that deals with testing wireless devices, has carried out the necessary measurements and drafted documents showing that iPhone 'a mobile phone with Bluetooth and Wifi produced by Apple Inc.' compatible with the standards established by Us FCC.

Nothing else is known from the formal approval. Contrary to what usually happens, in fact, Apple asked for data confidentiality regarding a long series of documents that are produced in the context of the tests. The photographs of the tests, the photos of the exterior and interior of the phone, the user manuals, the block diagrams, the operational diagrams, the radio schematics, etc. are secret. etc. Cupertino's request is not surprising given the tradition that normally reigns regarding new products from the parts of the Apple.

In any case, beyond the unknown details, the main and best of the news in the approval itself which signals the definitive turning point and the last step before the series production.

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