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iPhone and Leopard four months late, or rather not

Apple still delays Leopard and iPhone. Indeed no. A shiver for a few hours has traversed the backs of Apple enthusiasts as well as those of investors and then returned, denied by the same source of indiscretion.

The whole affair that arose from a news story by Engadget, a site usually not known to be too unbalanced in 'homemade' rumors as well as reliable enough (although certainly not as serious as other technology sites). In a 'launch' in the afternoon the news: iPhone would arrive in October and the operating system even in January. Bad news, even very bad that if confirmed would certainly have led the observers' confidence in Apple's ability not to make mistakes (almost never) to falter. And even if the whole story seemed absurd, especially because only a few days ago Apple had confirmed both the iPhone and Leopard release dates, the vertical collapse of the AAPL shares started and from positive territory they fell within a few minutes of the 3%.

In a very short time the denial arrived and it was supplied by Engadget himself who admitted that he had deceived himself. In explaining how things went, the site raised many doubts, some of which were decidedly disturbing, at least for Apple's management.

The indiscretion would have been generated by an email sent from Apple's internal systems and sent to thousands of Apple employees. The message communicated the delay and distribution of a press release. Subsequently, it was Apple herself who specified that the message was false and should not be considered as sent by the Cupertino management. What could not be denied, according to Engadget, was the fact that the message actually came from Apple's servers.

If what Engadget claims to be true, only two scenarios open: an internal communication error or, even more disturbing than probable, someone who entered the email system and sent the above message. What was the case we probably will never know, what is certain that at this moment in some of the innermost rooms of One Infinite Loop more than someone will already be under pressure. Everyone else can breathe.