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iPhone, advertising will be handled by TWBAChiatDay

iPhone, advertising will be curated by TWBAChiatDay logomacitynet1200wide 1

TBWA Chiat Day will be the advertising agency to which the creation of the iPhone campaign will be entrusted. This is what is claimed by the usually well-informed Advertising Age, an online magazine specializing in the subject.

The news should not be too surprising because Apple's reference advertising agency TWBAChiatDay. She was responsible for the most famous spot in history (1984, served to launch the Mac) and since Jobs returned to the helm of Cupertino (i.e. since 1997) all the TV, paper and web campaigns have been studied by TWBAChiatDay. But despite this, and despite the fact that the first iPhone spot ('Hello') was always created by TWBAChiatDay, the news is arousing interest in the US because it demonstrates Apple's ability to impose its own image and its marketing conduct also when dealing with powerful partners, such as At & t.

The company that will market the phone and support it with its networks, in fact normally uses BBDO which in this case would have been excluded from the initiative or, if nothing else, relegated to a marginal and support role.

BBDO is also a prestigious American advertising agency. Apple became involved in its campaign when Motorola used its services for the launch of the ROKR, the first mobile phone compatible with iTunes

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