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iPhone, a new cult is being prepared

17% of Americans would be interested in buying an iPhone. This is the surprising percentage detected by Harris Interactive Technology Research, a company specialized in market analysis, and published today by several Internet sites.

The survey, conducted on the Internet on a sample of about 1100 people, aimed to understand first of all how many Americans are aware of the existence of the iPhone. The response has been extremely high, at least for a product that does not yet exist on the market; 47% have heard of the cell phone. Even more important is the fact that, as mentioned, as many as 17% of respondents would have some interest in buying one. Also in this case the percentage must be considered as exceptional since nobody has ever had one on their hands.

The reasons for this interest are the most varied and well distributed in percentage terms; 37% believe the large memory capacity is important, 36% the fact that it is a quad band phone, 31% attracted by the interface.

The fact that there is such a strong interest in the iPhone will not instantly result in purchases for. Among the factors that will slow down the formation of long lines in front of retailers is the fact that the phone is an AT&T exclusive. For example, 17% of those interested in buying a mobile phone will wait for their plan to expire with another carrier, 25% will buy an iPhone only if their access provider introduces it in its offer. Only 8 will buy him by becoming a customer of AT&T while he has another active tariff plan; only slightly higher (9%) the number of those interested in taking one immediately and in any case.

In any case, and beyond the distinctions and the various percentages divided by inclination of potential customers, Joseph Porus, Vice President of Harris Interactive's Technology Practice, considers the information collected as sufficient to indicate iPhone as a new possible cultural phenomenon: 'the new iPhone shakes the industry from the ground up. We expect very strong sales and a new cult around the iPhone, difficult orders and competitors who struggle to keep up "