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Instagram revolution: logo and graphics change

Via the old icon, inside minimalism: the new look of Instagram


Instagram changes its look in whole, and we need to keep an eye on it. At the level of functions, it prepares it the same, but all the design of the logos and interface that is revolutionized.

The vintage camera? Street. The blue color as a background? Idem. "We wanted a more modern logo, but which kept a link with the historical one", explains the company: ?Icon of the historical logo camera remains, but updated with a more modern and minimal look". In short, stylized. The rainbow colors finish in the background.

"We like to think of the new logo as a" colored door "of the Instagram app, but once we enter, we believe that most of the colors must come from the photos and videos of our community". Inside, the new interface design therefore simpler, white, to bring out photos and videos (functions and controls remain in the same positions).

image004 (1)

Even the icons of the Instagram home apps change shape (Layout, Boomerang, Hyperlapse). In the specific case, the new Layout and Boomerang icons have been updated to give a more immediate idea of ??the main feature of each app: respectively, the possibility of creating a collage of photos and creating mini-videos reproduced in a loop.


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