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In Rome, the Municipality speaks with Waze to manage traffic

Users will be informed by Roma Servizi per Mobilit on events, marches, blocks, while their information will be useful to the administration to study solutions for traffic

(photo: Getty Images)(photo: Getty Images)

There are two kilometers of queue, and watch out for the checkpoint. Better to leave the ring road behind, there are slowdowns: all that Waze knows, owes it to its users, but also to a series of institutional entities in the area with which it collaborates.

As Carlos Gmez, Head Of Growth of Waze Europe, had interviewed last March, interviewed by Wired, the time has come for Italy to join the group of European partners with whom the road navigation app exchanges data on the situation of the real-time mobility within the Connected Citizens project.

The first citizen to join Italy is Rome, whichit has more than 210,000 active users per month covering more than 25 million km: Roma Servizi per Mobilit will be able to provide its information on the situation in the city, for example by warning about extraordinary events such as marches or traffic blocks in the green belt, and at the time himself, through the study of the platform data, to understand where to better intervene with traffic solutions.

"As our first Italian partner, Rome Mobility Services will help provide essential data to Waze, an app that represents the key to hyper-local support for citizens comments Carlos GmezUsersthey help report more than 250,000 warnings each month, such as potholes and accidents, by providing aRome Mobility Services vital information for real-time traffic management. The large amount of data that both partners can offer each other represents an opportunity that will help Waze users and all motorists in Rome to deal with city traffic effectively and better. "


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