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How to set up blocking Windows 10 updates with stopUpdates10

With the arrival of Windows 10 on all modern PCs, one of the most frustrating operations has been completely automated, in the name of security: updatesEven if you no longer have to worry about installing updates, you cannot even disable Windows 10 updates as easily as in the past (where it was enough to set Windows Update as disabled to no longer receive updates).Microsoft forces updates for all PCs with Windows 10 to keep the operating system up to date with the latest optimizations and security patches. Too bad that updates are often performed when you shut down or restart your computer and the more full-bodied ones take a long time to install (like the various half-yearly releases). you want to keep your productivity high on your PC and control over when to install Windows updates, in this guide you will discover a handy tool fordisable Windows 10 updates with a simple mouse click.NOTE: disabling Windows 10 updates exposes your PC to the risk of malware, ransomware, hackers and other network threats. Use this tool sparingly and be sure to update your PC once a week anyway.

How to block Windows 10 updates with stopUpdates10

The free program you can use to block Windows 10 stopUpdates10 updates.

On the website you can download the compressed package in ZIP format (portable version also available). Once the compressed package is opened, run the installer with which installarestopUpdates10 on your PC with Windows 10(you can choose the Italian language). At the end of the installation, simply click on the program icon to start it.

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How to block automatic Windows 10 updates

As can be guessed from the interface, to block updates on Windows 10 just click Block Windows updates! and wait for the program to make the necessary changes to the system.

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The main features blocked with this tool are:

  • blocks Windows Update from running at regular intervals;
  • blocking of the half-yearly version steps;
  • block notifications for new updates.

Once the change has been made, the blocking of Windows 10 updates will be active, these will not be performed until you decide to reactivate the functionality, thus allowing you to regain control of the operating system (as happens on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1).

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How to restore Windows 10 automatic updates

When you want to restore Windows 10 baster updates use the same tool. Start TopUpdates10 and click on the button Restore Updates: all changes made to the system will be canceled and Windows 10 will be able to download all the missing updates.

As mentioned above, I recommend updating Windows 10 at least once a week to protect yourself from hackers and viruses.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter size-full wp-image-56737" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /stopupdates10-ripristinare-aggiornamenti.jpg” alt=”stopupdates10 restore updates” width=”657″ height=”760″ data-lazy-/>

Before concluding, I want to point out a possible scenario in which the tool settings may ?disappear?: by performing the system restore or restore a backup, the Windows Update settings modified by the tool will be restored to work correctly. new updates to Windows 10 you will have to relaunch the tool after each restore or backup prior to the use of the indicated tool.