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How to monitor your home remotely

When we move away from our home we rarely feel calm, in this article we will explore all the technological ways to monitor the home. Thanks to the Internet, in fact, today it is possible to keep an eye on our home easily and at low cost even at a distance with mobile devices.

Monitor your home via the internet via smartphone and PC

There are basically two solutions for video surveillance of your home or office remotely:

  • Get a video surveillance apparatus connected to the Internet, therefore of one or more IPcam (there are valid very cheap models, to choose the best IPcam for your needs, please consult our article.
  • Transform the webcam of our PC into a video surveillance system, through special free video surveillance programs that we talked about in the dedicated article.

In both cases, just connect to a remote address with your phone. The address will be provided from time to time or by the application or directly from the device in order to easily control our home (or our office).

Furthermore, both solutions are often equipped with functions for detecting movement and loud noises. We can configure the cameras to send a message by email when an anomaly is detected, so that we can run to check and, if it were not a false alarm, call the police.

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How to build your own video surveillance system

To build a real video surveillance system you definitely need more than a single IPcam which can control only one room (even if large). The easiest method to buy a kit that contains multiple IPCams (and usually also an NVR (Network Video Recorder), that is, provides the possibility to connect via a dedicated application or directly via a web address as we have said.

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First we need to choose which part of our house we want to monitor and if placed at theinside or outside. Obviously in the second case we have to choose a suitable (outdoor) model, resistant to rain and other environmental challenges.

Another thing to pay attention to the connection and the power supply. It is necessary to check that our IP camera can be reached either by the LAN cable or more simply by the WiFi network (from a security point of view the wired connection is much better as it cannot be disturbed) and obviously by the power supply. POE IPcams are particularly interesting because they allow to be powered by LAN cable.

Then you will have to choose if we want a system that stores the footage or that only informs us of the current situation. In the second case it is necessary to decide where we want our recordings to be stored, often the manufacturers offer special free cloud services for a certain period, otherwise if you prefer to save the data locally you can use an NVR, or a MicroSD memory (if the selected cameras have the appropriate slot).

Some excellent IPcam kits to make video surveillance systems

Here are some kits with multiple cameras, they have their software included, super simplified installation (usually you just need to power them and connect them to the Internet via WiFi or LAN).

If you have different IP cameras and you prefer not to buy a kit, you can do it yourself with excellent free software.

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An excellent program to manage your home system: iSpy

It is an open source and free program that is very easy to use and compatible practically with every IPcam on the market. It takes just a few clicks to connect your cameras and join them in a single plant. If you wish, they can also be integrated with the webcam of your PC, so as to try to further increase the coverage of our system. Furthermore, if you leave the PC active, you can control the entire video surveillance system even remotely and be notified in real time in case of anomalies.

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The software has a simple interface and is also easily configurable. The program allows you to detect movement or sounds, via IP camera and microphones, so as to keep the house under control at a distance at any time and stay safe from any break-ins.

If you have more information and to download iSpy we can go to the official website of the project.

Unfortunately, the application is only available for Windows. The really simple installation from the download page is enough to download the executable (for most PCs today we recommend choosing the 64-bit version). After downloading the program, by clicking you can proceed with the short installation (which does not present any pitfalls).

Our study on how to supervise the house has ended, we hope to have shown you all the best solutions to be able to be more calm when you leave.