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How to convert and save web pages to PDF

Browsing you have found an interesting document and would like to save it locally to be able to read it more comfortably? Have you found an article or a study on your favorite sites and would you like to save it in PDF to be able to read it on your tablet or digital reader?

In this guide you will find outhow to save a web page in PDF using the features integrated in browsers and modern operating systems, using extensions available for the various types of browsers, using apps for mobile devices and finally various online services that allow you to do this completely free of charge.

Index: Windows, Browser, App, Online Services

Save a web page as a PDF (Windows)

We will see how to convert and save a page to PDF using the tools made available by Windows 10 and previous versions.

Windows 10 and Windows 8.1

These two operating systems have integrated among their functionalities also one virtual printer can generate documents in PDF format; just call the print functions on the desired web page (with any browser) and proceed with printing.

If you use one of the two systems, simply open the web page you want to print, open the menu File -> Print (or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + P), select the itemSave as PDFpresent in the section Destinationand click on Print.

Save as a Windows PDF

The system will automatically open the file manager. You just have to choose where to save the PDF document based on the web page.

Windows 7

If you still use this operating system, unfortunately it is not possible to take advantage of an integrated virtual printer (at the time it was not foreseen for this OS) but you can integrate it quickly and easily using the free doPDF program, downloadable from the following link.


dopdf to save pages in pdf

Once installed in the system, it will integrate with it, providing a virtual printer capable of saving a web page in PDF exactly as seen on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10: just visit the web page you want to print, click File -> Print or with the keyboard shortcut CRTL + P and select, among the available printers, doPDF before proceeding to the actual printing. Now you can click on Print to open the file manager and choose where to save the PDF document generated from the content.

Save a web page in PDF (browser)

In this paragraph, we will explore solutions to save pages through the browser that we normally use to browse the internet. This type of solution involves the installation of some extensions or add-ons for Google Chrome and Firefox and are adapted to all operating systems (including macOS and Linux). The solution with Microsoft Edge instead remains dedicated (obviously) only to Windows 10.

Google Chrome

On Google Chrome you can use both the methods already described above to print any web page in PDF and use dedicated extensions. The best extension we recommend trying to save a Web page in PDF FireShot, available at the following link.


Once added to the browser you can make screenshots of the page, choosing whether to save only a part of it or all the content present and use the button Save as PDF to generate a PDF with the visited web page simply and quickly.

FireShot to save web pages

Mozilla Firefox

Do you use the Mozilla browser? In this case you can use the PDF Mage extension (or better to say add-on), available at the link below.


Use the really simple extension: open the web page you want to save locally as a PDF and click on the icon to save it directly on your PC.

PDF Mage on Firefox to save web pages

Microsoft Edge

If you use Microsoft Edge, you can both use the printer integrated in Windows 10 and use the extensionPrintFriendly and PDF, available for download from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | PrintFriendly and PDF

This extension allows you to save the Web page in PDF format by removing unnecessary components of the page such as bars, banners and anything else, leaving only the text and images present in the body of the page.

PrintFriendly "width =" 544 "height =" 289 "srcset =" 544w, wp-content / uploads / 2018/06 / PrintFriendly__PDF_Microsoft_Edge-300x159.jpg 300w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 544px) 100vw, 544px "/></p>
<h2 id=Save a web page in PDF (smartphone)

In mobility, we cannot always use the solutions indicated in the previous paragraphs but we must rely on some comfortable Apps available for our smartphone or tablet. We suggest two applications, one for Android and one for iOS, suitable for the purpose.

Android app

If you want to save a web page in PDF when you surf from an Android smartphone or tablet, just install the free Convert web to PDF app, downloadable from the link below.

DOWNLOAD | Convert web to PDF

Convert web to PDF Android

With this app you can paste the link of the page to convert to PDF or use it as a target when using the button Share on any browser or navigation app, so you can convert web pages to PDF with a few simple taps on the screen.

IOS app

If you use an iPhone or iPad and need to save a web page in PDF, you can rely on a totally free app: WEB To PDF. The download available below.


WEB To PDF appstore iphone pdf

This app is nothing more than a complete browser for iOS with which, among the many features offered, it is also possible to save any Web page in PDF, to be kept in the internal memory of the device.

Save a web page as a PDF (online services)

So far we have shown you all the apps and extensions that you can use to save a web page in PDF but if you would like to use a site dedicated to the purpose? We report in this paragraph, the best web page to PDF conversion services available.

Web sites

  1. Web2PDF
  2. Webpage to PDF

The functioning of these sites is practically identical: enter the URL Web address of the page you want to convert to PDF in the text field provided in the center, then click on Convert to start the conversion of the page to PDF that will be downloaded automatically through the same browser (therefore in the system Download folder).

Convert Web Page to PDF: best sites