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HomeDock Music Remote: control iPod via remote control

From Digital Lifestyle Outfitters comes the HomeDock Music Remote, a convenient iPod accessory that makes music control of broadcasting systems easier.

The concept behind the product is the transfer of commands entirely to the remote control. The iPod will be connected to a stereo via a dock base, which in the meantime will take care of keeping it in charge. All information contained on the Apple reader will be automatically stored on the remote control; the latter integrates a display through which you can browse the contents of the iPod remotely.

The remote control allows you to control playback and volume, and to create playlists directly without having to act on the player. On the dock base there is a USB port, to synchronize the iPod by connecting it to a computer. The remote control can be used up to about 45 meters away, even through walls and physical obstacles.

The package includes power supply, radio control, dock base and RCA cable, to connect the HomeDock Radio Remote to a stereo system or to a TV without any difficulty. It can be used with iPod 5G, iPod nano of first and second generation, iPod mini and iPod with color display.

The price of the HomeDock Radio Remote of 129.99 Dollars. In Italy the official DLO Attiva distributor