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Guide to install and view IPTV lists on Smart TV

The panorama of SmartTV rich complex. We have different manufacturers that offer significantly different solutions and, unlike the mobile sector where a substantial duopoly with Android and iOS is imposed, in the field of smart TVs there are at least three different operating systems: Tizen installed on the SmartTVs of Samsung, WebOS installed on LG SmartTVand Android TV mounted on some models of televisions Sony, Philips is Sharp.

Obviously, since there are three different systems, the ways to watch streaming from IPTV lists are completely different. To find out all about the lists and the risks involved in using them, we invite you to consult our appreciated in-depth analysis on IPTV.

We talked about different ways in which you can enjoy multimedia content on modern TVs, in the article: Movies and Series on Smart TV. In this article, we will focus only on IPTV lists and methods of viewing them on TV. Let's start by talking about how to see IPTV on DLNA equipped televisions.

Method compatible with all Smart TVs: DLNA

All smart TVs or almost support DLNA; through this technology it is possible to send content to TVs connected to the network.

This method is based on the use of an app for Android, Web Video Cast which sends the streams of the individual channels directly to the TV. There are many other equivalent apps for iPhone too.

Use the app that is free (with some limitations) simple and practical. To install it, just go to the Play Store with your smartphone or Tablet, and press "Install".

Here is how to see an IPTV list on Smart TV via Web Video Cast:

  • turn on your TV and make sure your Android device and TV are connected to the same WiFi network;
  • launch the app and go to the connection icon (basically the cast icon, circled in red in the screenshot below);
  • in the screen that opens, press on the gear;

See IPTV on Smart TV: Web Video Caster and DLNA

  • put the check next to DLNA and Google Cast (if DLNA does not work and you have an LG TV you can also try the dedicated options);
  • at this point press on "Done" and then on "Repeat the Scan". Choose the name of your TV and confirm the pairing (a notification on the TV screen should warn you of the connection attempt, confirm with the remote control);
  • at this point get ready. Through the app you can send content of all kinds (audio, video and even IPTV) from your device to the TV;

To use an IPTV list, pairing is finished (which is only necessary the first time):

  • go to the menu (by pressing on the icon with the three horizontal segments at the top left of the interface) and press on the item IPTV;
  • then on the icon in the form of +, a dialog will open where you can enter the address, or the M3U filesand finally press on ?Save?;

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IPTV list configuration finished. To switch to streaming and transmission in order to play a channel:

  • press on ours playlist, explore it and send the streams of the channels to the TV by pressing on their name;
  • if the channels were not reproduced correctly or gave an error, it is recommended to enable routing via the phone.

Routing allows you to convert the flow video and audio on the device before sending it to the TV. This procedure eliminates any compatibility problems but consumes the battery of your smartphone.

If, as mentioned, you get errors:

  • go again to the menu icon (the one with the three segments placed one below the other);
  • from here you reach the "Settings" menu;
  • and enable the items "Convert m3m8 video to ts" and "Always direct video through the phone".

In this way you solve the compatibility problems of the video stream with the Smart TV.

See IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

This is a complex paragraph since there is no direct way to install (for example) Kodi on televisions with Tizen operating system and the Smart IPTV app not available in our country (because unfortunately it has been blocked). Let's see how to get around this territorial block with a little trick.

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To install Smart IPTV need change the country the system of our Samsung TV and set "San Marino" (or any other country with our same time zone). The country change procedure is not very complex:

  • reset the Smart HUB by going to the appropriate item found in "Menu> Support> Self-Diagnosis";
  • exit the "Settings" and reopen the "SmartHub";
  • the conditions page will open. Here you must press the buttons on the remote control in sequence (one after the other, not simultaneously)MUTE | VOL + | CH + | MUTE;
  • from the menu of the country choice, it is convenient, as mentioned, to choose "San Marino";
  • finally finish the wizard.

Once the procedure is finished, you can go to the Store and withdraw for free Smart IPTVthat in trial version, free only for the first 7 days and available at 5.50 forever.

At this point you can go to the configuration of your IPTV list directly on the App:

  • open Smart IPTV on the TV and write down your Mac address (found in the app home);
  • go to the Smart IPTV website (address: http: //;

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter wp-image-53360 size-full" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /IPTV-smart-TV-e1547066907448.jpg” alt=”See IPTV on Smart TV: SmartIPTV” width=”793″ height=”552″/>

  • on the page enter the Mac address of your connected TV, then the URL of the IPTV list or upload the m3u file;
  • then put the check mark on ?save Online" and in the drop-down menu just below choose "Italy";
  • then put the check mark on ?I'm not a robot? and click on ?Send?.

The procedure ended; starting from this moment you can see the channels of your IPTV list comfortably from the TV, launching Smart IPTV.

See IPTV on LG Smart TV

Also on LG Smart TVs there is a solution to see your IPTV lists and it is always based on the use of the Smart IPTV app which fortunately available without blocking for this platform. Unfortunately, Kodi is not available on LG's WebOS.

It is possible to download the app for free by going to the store. Also in this case in the Trial version and it expires after 7 days and only after you can proceed with the purchase of the full version at 5.50.

Upload your list simple:

  • start the app and write down the Mac Address of the TV;
  • go to the Smart IPTV website (address: http: //;
  • on the page, enter the Mac Address of your TV and then the URL of the IPTV list or upload the m3u file;
  • put the tick on "save Online" and in the drop-down menu just below, choose "Italy";
  • finally put the check mark on ?I'm not a robot? and click on ?Send?.

See IPTV on Android TV-based SmartTVs

Android TV the most versatile operating system available on "smart" TVs and also available on many TV Boxes to be connected to your TV.

It is an operating system, which allows installation not only of Kodi (Media center of reference when it comes to streaming and IPTV lists) but also of Plex, for locally available video content.

Kodi normally available on the Android Play Store, therefore the installation is very simple and quick: just search for it on the Store and press "Install".

Once the installation is complete, configure your simple list: the procedure identical to that of all the other platforms on which Kodi runs. We invite you to consult our popular guide to IPTV on Kodi.