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Griffin Dock Adapter: and the shuffle lands on the dock

diciembre 30, 2019

Griffin Dock Adapter: and the shuffle lands on the dock – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

After the adapters that allow a direct connection to the USB port, here are the ones to use the iPod shuffle with the now ubiquitous Apple dock.

From Griffin comes the Dock adapter that enables the micro player with the bitten apple to use the amplification systems and the charging and synchronization systems equipped with the iPod dock.The dimensions are very small and on the base there is a selector for the Load modes / Synchronize and that Audio Play. The cost is not very low: 19.99 Dollars but makes the second generation shuffle even more versatile. To learn more, visit this page of the Griffin website.

The product is not yet available and in the pre-order phase.

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