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Google offers new emojis for gender equality

The proposal will be evaluated by the Unicode consortium which will decide whether to adopt them in the next set of characters that we will use on smartphones and social networks.

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

Gender equality is at the heart of Google's proposal to the Unicode Consortium, the association that deals, among other things, with the procedure for defining what will become the official emojis that can be used on smartphones and social networks. A delegation of four company employees brought a set of emoticons to the subcommittee on the selection of future smileys 13 elements representative of the professional world both male and female, which will be discussed and possibly implemented in the next version of the Unicode language.

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

The new emojis are designed to work as a fusion between the normal faces of women and men with those that already represent characteristic elements of different professional fields. For example, a woman's face coded with a pan will display a cook; the male face combined with the school building will show a teacher and so on, from medical to industrial, with always interchangeable roles.

It is a step forward compared to the current situation, in which the codified female figures are only dancers, brides, princesses, mothers or lovers. Someone might object that in the end it is only emoji, but despite the new language is not actually made of words, however more and more widespread: just right to try to make sche can represent reality in the most accurate and least partial way possible.


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