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FireWire in the car

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The Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration (AMI-C), the organization representing the world's largest car manufacturers and responsible for developing standards for the dissemination of electronic devices, has released the first specifications for the standardization of electronic devices and services all interior of future cars.

The new specifications provide for a common interface that allows you to reduce the footprint and costs, which can meet the demands of most OEMs, which allows you to make connections to a computer network and possibly to a FireWire backbone.

The formalization of the specifications is a great step forward in the development of interchangeable multimedia devices designed for use in cars, many of which are nothing but FireWire peripherals.

The AMi-C specifications establish a common interface for the use of peripherals and devices such as PDAs and mobile phones in the car and are designed to adapt easily to any changes that over time may be necessary. In the IEE1394 / FireWire standard, car manufacturers seem to have found the ideal high-speed bus for all the applications designed for vehicles.

AMI-C has the technical support of software developers and American, European and Asian electronic device manufacturers. The final specifications (which should be ready before the end of the year) will now have to establish the platform on which to run the host computer and define the APIs that programmers can use to communicate their software with FireWire devices designed for automobile. (Edited by Newton)

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