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Facebook Moments, the photo app arrives in Italy

Photos in Moments can be grouped, tagged and sent to the same app as friends and relatives


After almost a year from the launch in the United States, here it is also in ItalyMoments, Facebook's separate app dedicated to collecting and sharing photos with your friends and loved ones. Photos and videos sent via Moments – both for iOS and for Android – will arrive at the apps of the destinations without being shared on Facebook.

Moments helps to tidy up the images, trying to group the photos that seem to have the same subject.In Europe for, specify Facebook, ?Moments doesn't use the Facial recognition", but a form of recognition of objects to group photos that seem to represent the same person, trying to calculate other characteristics, such as the distance between the eyes and ears.

Photos can be added or removed from app groups and a label can be added to find them more easily.


Moments does not automatically save photos to the roll, as the FAQ explains: ?We do not store or back up the photos we group automatically on Moments unless you choose to send them to friends. When you remove a photo, we delete it from our servers. If you delete a photo not sent by phone, it will no longer be present on Moments ".


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