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Elgato Turbo.264: the USB 2 stick with encoder for H.264

Record your favorite broadcasts on the Mac or capture movies from cameras or old VHS and want to export them to Apple TV, low / high quality iPod or even to PSP?

Elgato's USB 2 Turbo.264 stick works as a hardware encoder to bring any video in H.264 (MP4) format with an acceleration in encoding ranging from 4x for Macs with an Intel processor to 10x compared to a G4 processor, obviously all it depends on the power of the Mac that houses the key.Turbo.264 relieves the Mac from intensive conversion tasks leaving the internal processors free for other applications: it works in practice as a virtual co-processor.

The key works with a software provided by ElGato itself: simply drag and drop the video to be converted onto the application and select one of the four formats: iPod Standard, iPod High, Apple TV, Sony PSP. Batch conversion is also supported by VOB archives of unprotected DVDs. The maximum supported resolution of 800 × 600. When the conversion completes the archive is automatically transferred to iTunes making it immediately available for Apple TV or iPod.

To give an idea of ??the processing times, Elgato offers the example of a 10: 16 minute DV 16: 9 archive: with a MacBook 2GHz Core 2 Duo and QuickTime Player Pro 7.1.5, with the export setting ?Movie to Apple TV ?takes – 11 minutes and 17 seconds with Turbo. 264 – 59 minutes and 30 seconds without Turbo. 264

The product immediately available also in our country at 99.95 Euros.

Please refer to this page on the Elgato website and that of the Italian distributor American DataLine for more information.