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Download videos from YouTube with Mac

YouTube still the leading platform for video sharing and used by many content creators, record labels, artists or sector magazines.

For Google policy, it is not possible to download videos from YouTube using the online service directly, but it is necessary to contact other tools and software that allow the download of videos in .MP4 format, .MKV, .3GP or FLV.

Saving a video on your computer can be useful in all those cases where you want to watch a movie while remaining completely offline, you want to create your own collection or to listen to the audio track extracted from a video.

In this article we will focus on how to download a video from YouTube using macOS and installing a very easy to use application.

Download videos from YouTube to macOS with Airy

Airy YouTube Downloader one of the best applications for Mac dedicated exclusively to downloading movies from the YouTube platform.

?Download Airy Free ?

The software available in one version free trial through which you can download 2 movies or 2 different audio tracks and then decide later whether to proceed with the purchase of a license for the full version or remove it.

After starting the program on Mac for the first time, you will be asked to log in using a Google account; this step is not fundamental but useful for bypass restrictions due to allet and that will not allow you to download all the videos indiscriminately (you must in any case be of legal age to do so).

google login to bypass youtube

At this point, all we need is a simple copy and paste operation: whatever the URL of YouTube, Airy will be able to identify one or more videos to download.

With this tool we can:

  • Download individual files Video
  • Download whole Channels YouTube
  • Full YouTube downloads Playlist

using respectively the URL that leads to the video, the URL for the complete channel or the URL of the playlist whose videos you want to save.

It is also possible to paste below a series of URLs from YouTube to perform the download operation on one list of single videos:

video list from youtube

Regardless of the operation we have chosen to do, we can choose the video format to download: MP4 HD (720p), MP4 Full HD (1080p), Ultra HD (4K) or the new one 8K resolution. We can also decide to choose a lower resolution than the native YouTube video to save disk space dedicated to the movies we are saving.

resolution and youtube video airy mac

To start downloading YouTube videos just choose the resolution and then click on the button Download

list of videos downloaded from youtube on mac

The default path for saving files / Users // Downloads / Airy / but we can set a route other than "Airy> Preferences".

The very fast program to download videos because it gets them directly from the YouTube site. If you don't want to download the video immediately, you can put the downloads in pause and resume them later, by clicking on the video preview image generated inside the interface.pause on video download from youtube

Airy allows you to download the subtitles of a particular video in parallel, if any, in .SRT format, very convenient function to watch a movie or an episode of a TV series in a foreign language but with subtitles and in the absence of internet connection.

Download videos from YouTube to Mac via Safari, Chrome, Opera or Firefox

The same operations can be speeded up using the integration of Airy in the web browser that you use to navigate.

The function available for all browsers:

  1. Choose the "Airy> Integrate into Browser" menu
  2. Drag the button into the favorites bar
  3. Click on the button when to find a YouTube video you want to download

That way, you will always have a Open in Airy button ready for download when you are viewing a video from the YouTube site using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera. To remove the function, simply trash the bookmark created by dragging the button to favorites.

?Download Airy Free?

The program can also be used for extract an audio track to MP3 using macOS: just choose .MP3 from the file format when downloading.

For all other operating systems, I refer you to the main article for downloading videos from YouTube.