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Dock Extender, SendStation's dock extender

Dock Extender, the SendStation dock extender logomacitynet1200wide 1

The dock undoubtedly a convenient invention, now implemented by numerous gadgets that have decided to use it to interface with iPod. Unfortunately, the connection that is often materially incompatible with the cases that surround our player: we are forced to remove them from the covers whenever we want to connect them to an accessory for which the presence of a case is a hindrance.

Sendstation had lighting and in February announced the release of the "Dock Extender" for iPod. The accessory is nothing more than a small adapter equipped with a Universal Dock, specifically designed to be inserted into the dock entrance on the bottom of each iPod, even when the Apple player is inserted into any case. Thanks to this little accessory made for iPod, you can easily connect the Apple player to any device with a dock interface, without having to remove it from the case.

The Dock Extender compatible with all iPod models equipped with a 30-pin Dock Connector. An efficient accessory, which will make the various connections to which the Apple mp3 player may be subject easier and faster.

The Dock Extender, after the February announcement now marketed by Sendstation at around 30 Doilars, and also directly purchasable on the company's website. In Italy the Sendstation products are distributed by ADL.

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