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Create custom Memes: the best Android and iOS apps and sites …

Memes are nothing more than images (sometimes from films, TV series or famous people), accompanied by funny phrases. This phenomenon is depopulated on social networks and messaging apps, quickly becoming viral. The term "meme" comes from the Greek "mmma" which means "imitation"

We often share some memes that made us laugh with friends, but it can be even more fun to create new ones starting from our photos or our experiences. In this article we will cover all the best online apps and sites to create memes.

First for we leave you to a small collection with some of the most famous memes:

The best apps to create memes on Android and iOS

Meme Generator Free (for Android and iOS)

meme generator free

It is a free app, with many images available and super simple to use, just a little creativity is needed to create memes with a sure effect. The truly complete, appreciated and curated app. Immediately after starting, you can select one of the countless models, or import your own photo or take it. It takes just a few taps to create your own meme, you have to: choose a model, insert the text (and if you want some stickers) and finally with a touch save the result or share it directly on social media. Download this beautiful simple app (you can find it for free with advertising) on ??the Play Store and App Store.

Memasik(for Android and iOS)

mamasik meme

It is a simple to use but very effective app, allows you to obtain excellent results and to express your creativity even better. It works very simply, those who make stories on Instagram will probably feel at home, given the similarities. Here we have no bases, but an infinite collection of sticker packs, which contain the images that we can use for our memes. Most of the packages are free, but some will require points purchase. Also this app for free with advertisements on the Play Store and App Store.

Memedroid (for Android only)

memedroid for meme

If you need a little inspiration, or you just want to laugh, Memedroid is for you. It is in fact a fast and free app that allows meme fans to share their creations, and to vote on those of others. In addition, there is also the possibility of using the handy editor included (Meme Factory) for your creations. Even this free app with advertising, you can download it from the Play Store.

Meme Generator by MemeCrunch (only for iOS)

memegenerator ios

This is probably the best app in the category for iOS, convenient to use, offers many images, and offers a clean, simple and elegant interface. For these reasons, particularly loved, I also complete iCloud support. The free app, always with advertising, on the App Store.

Meme Creator(for Android only)

memecreator creates memes

Probably the app that in this collection offers more images, well over 500 (divided into categories: Animals, Celebrities, Tips, Cartoons, New and others) and more than twenty styles for the associated writings. If you want to unleash your creativity, this is the app for you. The free app with advertising on the Play Store.

The best sites to create memes

An alternative method to apps for whom create meme in large quantities, it is given by the many sites on the net, which allow you to create memes online for free. Here are the best we have chosen:

best sites to create memes

To create beautiful memes, quickly and easily, Imgflip is the ideal site. Some of the most famous and used images are already available (you can also search in the space ?Search all memes") Or if you want you can upload your own image by clicking on"Upload your own image".

Finally, you just have to add your own custom text to complete the meme. To save what you have created, just right-click on the image and click on the item "Save image as". This little trick will allow you to have the photo without the watermark, which will appear instead if you click on "Generate Memes".

In memes created with this online service, you can also change the color of the text and the border of the same, also adding, if necessary, additional fields in which to write. Between meme generator or meme creator, this surely one of the best services.

create memes with online sites

Another online service to create very valid iloveimg memes, a slightly less intuitive site but with all the voices in Italian. Here too, just upload your own image (also from drive or dropbox) or select it from those available (by clicking on ?Select meme template"). Enter the text you prefer (text that can be changed in position, font, size, etc.) and click on "Generate Meme".

You can now download the generated meme (which will be without watermark) or share it directly on a social network.

create memes online memegen

Memegen a very quick site to create memes, which immediately offers a large gallery of images to choose from. Then you have to enter the text, which is less customizable and modifiable than the other previously mentioned services. Finally by clicking on ?Create Meme"You will have the result ready to share or save by simply clicking with the right mouse button on the image and selecting the item"Save image as".