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Best email software

Are you used to reading emails directly from the web browser? Maybe you don't know that you can also view them from your PC through a dedicated program, which allows you to read the already downloaded emails even in the absence of an Internet connection. If you need a good program to manage all the emails of your numerous mailboxes, in this guide you will find out the best email programs that you can install on your PC.

The best clients to manage email

Most of the email software listed below are also available in Italian. In addition, many of the mail clients listed are free (ie free) for personal use, with the exception of some e-mail management programs that you will see below.

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One of the best email programs that you can try for free on your Mozilla Thunderbird PC.

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Although graphically not quite the best (it has a style that definitely needs an upgrade) it is still simple to use, once you understand how it works. With Thunderbird you can easily configure any email account for synchronization, so as to receive all the emails in one place! Compatible with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and many others accounts (even with manual addition, just know the IMAP or POP3 configuration parameters). Thunderbird will allow you to read e-mail locally and effectively avoid it. spam thanks to the integrated filter and the numerous extensions available.

eM Client

Another very good email client to manage eM Client email accounts.

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The e-mail program has a well-kept interface, with a modern style and the appropriate colors (it remembers the latest versions of Outlook very closely). This program also allows you to manage all the email accounts, including the company ones (Exchange and dedicated servers) for which webmail is usually used to read work emails. With a few clicks you can keep all the boxes synchronized and send a new email using the account you prefer from time to time. Definitely one of the best programs for email also available for Windows 10.

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If you are looking for an alternative to the usual e-mail programs, I suggest you try Foxmail.

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This e-mail client has a rather simple interface, with all the useful buttons at the top and the various manageable accounts in the left sidebar. You can easily add all types of e-mail accounts (IMAP or POP3), so as to have everything under control in a single program.

Microsoft Outlook

One of the most used programs to read e-mail on Windows is certainly Microsoft Outlook, integrated in the Office suite. The program is not unlike most other non-free email clients, but can be tried together with the Office package from the following link.

LINK | Try Office 365 Home for free

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter size-full wp-image-39101" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /Outlook_risultato.jpg” alt=”microsoft Outlook” width=”793″ height=”472″ data-lazy-/>

The modern interface in perfect Office style, with the upper bar adaptable according to the chosen menu and the action performed (Ribbon Bar). Outlook perfectly compatible with Exchange and with any other Microsoft service, including the online calendar (so to plan appointments immediately). In addition to the Microsoft account, the program allows you to manage accounts for Gmail, Yahoo and any other e-mail service with IMAP or POP3 support.

Other email clients

Have the programs I recommended above not convinced you? Then you can try one of the alternatives in the list below:

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You will surely be able to find the program that will meet your needs; being free programs you can also try them all and see which you are better with.