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Best anti ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most dangerous threats you can run into while surfing the web, not only if you are a private individual, but especially if you have a business and all PCs connected to a network are affected! These malware can affect your PC in different ways and create many problems depending on the importance of the files on your PC. To solve the problem, the creator of the ransomware will always try to extort money from you. Find out in this guide everything you need to know about ransomware and what they are best anti ransomwareto complement your classic antivirus and programs to decrypt compromised files.

How does ransomware work?

THE ransomware they are malware with characteristics similar to trojans and worms (at least as regards their spread). They are very difficult to tackle and eradicate, to the point of having become one of the greatest dangers when surfing on PC! These malware can be taken in several ways:

  • By installing crack for programs, games or services
  • By opening an email with specially infected files

and various other ways, always very subtle. Once "infected", a screen with a non-removable image will appear on your PC. Often this screen was represented by messages regarding the postal police, an alleged lawyer, the FBI or the US Department of Justice. This screen provides the information to remove it, ie how to pay the creators of this malware (a real extortion). The usually requested payment method uses electronic coins, such as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

classic message of a ransomware

As if that were not enough, in addition to the total block of the PC, the ransomware also encrypts some most of the files present in your PC and makes them unusable. Each ransomware acts differently by encrypting the data with different methods and characteristics, which is why the various protection software must create specific solutions as new threats emerge.

For many, the only way to get back the PC and the locked files was to pay, but luckily most of these malware have been neutralized and the encrypted files unlocked thanks to the decryption tools, which we will suggest in this article.

Let's first see how to prevent this problem by recommending i best anti ransowmare free and paid, which you can install on your PC to protect yourself.

Best anti ransomware

Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool

Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business is a free software created to prevent infection with this type of malware. It protects your computer data from this type of threat and is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

DOWNLOAD | Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business

kaspersky anti ransomware

Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool can work safely together with antivirus, monitoring network activity to find possible dangers.

ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware

ZoneAlarm is a manufacturer of one of the most effective firewalls around. To increase the security of the PC offers its anti ransomware, unfortunately not free, at a cost of 13.55 per year, downloadable from the following link:

DOWNLOAD |ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware

best anti ransomware

Installed on the PC, it will act in real time to prevent access to the assigned user folders (you can customize which folders to protect) and in the event of an attack by a ransomware, it shows a very clear alarm window, performing the cleaning and removal in completely automatic.

Programs to decrypt files affected by ransomware

Avast Free Ransomware Decryption Tools

This software is a useful tool to decrypt files affected by as many as 21 different types of ransomware.

Avast, in the page below linked, provides a detailed description to recognize the ransomware that struck you, how each type of ransomware works, what extension you will see in the encrypted files and an example of the type of message that virus creators will show to their victims.

DOWNLOAD | Avast Free Ransomware Decryption Tools

Avast Free Ransomware Decryption Tools

For each ransomware, Avast has created an appropriate tool, which will guide you through the process of deleting and decrypting files. You will simply need to provide two versions of the same file, one encrypted and one original.

Even if you didn't make a backup before the infection, Avast will suggest how you could find uninfected original files. The software will simply compare the two files and use the results to determine the decryption password.

The ransomware for which Avast has created a file decryption tool are: AES_NI, Alcatraz Locker, Apocalypse, BadBlock, Bart, BigBobRoss, BTCWare, Crypt888, CryptoMix (Offline), CrySiS, EncrypTile, FindZip, GandCrab, Globe, HiddenTear, Jigsaw LambdaLocker, Legion, NoobCrypt, Stampado, SZFLocker, TeslaCrypt, XData.

Trend Micro Ransomware File Decryptor

This program can decrypt 29 different types of ransomware and their variants.

Unlike Avast, Trend Micro groups all its decryption tools into one package, but you still need to specify which type of ransomware you have been affected by. On the Trend Micro website you will find information that will help you identify the type of malware ransomware and also the contact details of its technical support department.

DOWNLOAD | Trend Micro Ransomware File Decryptor

Trend Micro Ransomware File Decryptor

With this software, you will have to provide an example file to analyze. Decryption can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to several hours, depending on the type of encryption used.

Unfortunately, the File Decryptor tool is not foolproof and some particularly complicated forms of ransomware can only be partially deciphered, but the software is constantly improved and optimized.

Here is the list of 29 ransomware, which the program manages to decrypt: CryptXXX V1, V2, V3 *, CryptXXX V4, V5, TeslaCrypt V1, TeslaCrypt V2, TeslaCrypt V3, TeslaCrypt V4, SNSLocker, AutoLocky, BadBlock, 777, XORIST , CERBER V1, Stampado, Nemucod, Chimera, LECHIFFRE, MirCop, Jigsaw, Globe / Purge, DXXD, Teamxrat / Xpan, Crysis, TeleCrypt, DemoTool, WannaCry (WCRY), Petya.