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Attack on Microsoft servers

Attack on Microsoft servers logomacitynet1200wide 1

there is no peace for Microsoft's servers. After the problems due to the configurations of the networks, an attack by hackers was also launched. That the Internet system of the Redmond company was blocked by a DOS attack, a procedure that "engulfs" the resources of a website by continuously sending requests. of pages, it was announced by Microsoft itself, stressing that the difficulties experienced by its users in navigating yesterday are in no way related to those of the beginning of the week. "We have informed the FBI – they told Microsoft – of what has happened. The attack began on Thursday afternoon and ended a few hours later. "In reality some experts in the sector suspect that if there is no direct correlation, certainly the difficulties of the past few days explained with the configuration deemed inadequate for the Microsoft network have given the idea to pirates to launch the attack. In practice, the manufacturers of the windows use a single router to give access to all the DNS on which their domains are based "a failure or a problem with that router means accessibility to the entire Microsoft network", many yesterday understood In the course of the pirate action, only 2% of the requests sent to the Microsoft servers were satisfied "which means that for the DOS attack – said Eric Siegel of Keynite Systems – it was fully effective". "Attacks of this type – said Elias Levy, chief technology officer of, a company that deals with website security – are normally not so devastating". The series of problems these days comes, ironically of fate, when Microsoft is also trying to reaffirm itself in the network sector by emphasizing the quality of its products.

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