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AT&T: iPhone in late June

AT&T: iPhone in late June logomacitynet1200wide 1

AT&T confirms: iPhone will arrive in late June. The news on the delivery times of the first copies of the Apple phone was given by Randall Stephenson, Chief Operating Officer of the telecommunications company which has the exclusive of the phone for the United States. "The iPhone – said Stephenson who spoke during a dinner at the Chief Executives club at the Boston Vlub – in line with the plans for a launch in late June."

The statement of the AT&T manager comes in the wake of Apple's clarification that at the end of June the launch of the iPhone had been fixed at the announcement of Leopard's delay. Despite this, some observers also during the last few hours had speculated that Apple may also be in difficulty on that date and that a slip in July cannot be excluded.

In addition to providing reassuring information on the iPhone delivery date to the United States, Stephenson also specified that at the current state of affairs he reiterated what has already been said a couple of weeks, namely that requests for information on the iPhone have reached one million. The AT&T Coo was unable to say how many phones will be available at launch: "We are trying to take stock, we have a million requests and we hope to satisfy them all"

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