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At 10 he discovers an Instagram bug and brings home a prize

Before the astonished eyes of his father, the young Finn discovered the Instagram flaw

(Photo: Getty Images)A child with his tablet (Photo: Getty Images)

Nice hoax. One who on Instagram, for ages, could not even be there, who discovers a lot bugs and bring home a nice one booty. Jani, a ten year old Finnish boy, discovered a vulnerability that would allow him to delete comments also from other accounts besides your own. He could have done it with Justin Bieber's account, he says.

According to what reported by the Finnish site Italethi, the boy sent thesecurity flaw warning via email to Instagram, which not only replied, but having verified the membership error system, rewarded him with 10 thousand dollars. All in front of the astonished eyes of the father, who had seen his son with his twin brother at work, but did not think that he would complete such a mission.

In fact, since there are many programs and companies that offer lavish rewards for finding bugs, young Jani has a bright career ahead.


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