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Approving the iPhone is good for Apple stock

The news of the FCC's approval of the iPhone arouses enthusiasm among investors. The Nasdaq index demonstrates the relevance attributed to the information, from different sites and then formally confirmed also by Apple, by those who operate on the Wall Street market.

Until the moment when the information began to pass from one site to another, AAPL was sailing in positive territory, but without particular peaks. Subsequently, there was a real leap forward with a vertical climb of the index that brought Apple close to $ 110, touched and surpassed (only slightly) just a few days ago. At the end of trading, Apple ended + 1.96%, completely canceling the slight losses suffered during yesterday, but above all stopping at an altitude of 109.44 which represents the maximum all the times at the closing (the previous record at the ringing of the bell had been 109.36, recorded on May 14).

'The only reason Apple has taken this leap forward – American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu told Reuters – in announcing the approval of the iPhone. Although there were few doubts that Apple would have made it, this is news deemed important by the market. Apple is a new protagonist in this sector and therefore it is a relevant fact "

How sensitive the market is to the news coming from the iPhone front, was also proven during yesterday. At the moment in which, as reported also by Macity, some sources had spread a news (later revealed to be false) that the cell phone would be delayed together with Leopard, the AAPL shares lost 3% in a few minutes burning a capitalization of 4 billion dollars .