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Apple Watch: Detection of atrial fibrillation would infringe a patent

The detection of atrial fibrillation it represents one of the most useful and appreciated functions of the Apple Watch Series 4 is 5, as long as it is clear that it is a tool that can help report heart problems, but it absolutely does not replace the diagnosis that only a doctor can make. Is exactly a cardiologist – doctor Joseph Wiesel, who teaches at the School of Medicine of the University of New York – to have something to complain about how Apple has integrated this technology into its wearables.

Wiesel's criticism is not about effectiveness, but about fact Apple allegedly infringed a patent in his possession to equip the latest Apple Watches with the functionality. An accusation that translated into a real one last Friday suing the Cupertino home in the Federal Court of Brooklyn. In short, the doctor claims to have patented the method that allows to identify the irregular heartbeat and that Apple used it without paying any license fees.

Before starting the legal dispute, Wiesel tried to find an agreement with the Company led by Tim Cook: the cardiologist claims to have contacted her in September 2017 – therefore a year before the launch of Apple Watch Series 4 – providing detailed indications on the patent. A meeting without any constructive follow-up, seen Apple has poi refused to negotiate to avoid the cause that is being discussed now. The final word is up to the judges who will have to evaluate the validity of the requests and eventually accept them.

Joseph Wiesel asked the court to order Apple on royalty payment and of prevent you from using your method for detecting atrial fibrillation without an explicit license. No official comment from Cupertino, as well as the possibility of establishing with certainty whether it is an attempt to steal money from Apple or a fully justified action – the judge will say. Remember that Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 are able to detect atrial fibrillation both at the end of the ECG session, and to send notifications that signal the irregular beat while holding the wearable on the wrist.