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App for taking notes and notes

Our portable devices (smartphones and tablets), being always with us, replaced the old agendas and post-its on which we marked notes and more or less important things not to forget. Thanks to the apps currently present, it is possible to do many more things than in the past, with the possibility of attaching photos and voice notes to our notes, to take note of anything in a more precise and detailed way.

In addition, modern note-taking applications work in the cloud by synchronizing all our notes from whatever device we connect to, so just log in with our account to have them immediately available, on PC, smartphone, tablet and for those who also want to be a smartwatch.

In this article we will see all the best solutions for taking notes on the various platforms, so that you can always choose the best tool.

The best cross-platform solutions for taking notes

Google Keep

App to take notes: Google Keep

This is our favorite clipboard app, for which you just need a Google account to find the notes in the cloud synchronized on each platform and always accessible. The service created by Google with a very minimal appearance, but with all the main functions and has little to envy compared to other paid solutions.

Google Keep allows you to:

  • create all the notes you want without limitations and synchronize them on all the devices you want;
  • insert images in notes;
  • acquire data from business cards or documents through OCR;
  • create voice notes;
  • transform notes into reminders with date and time, or place;
  • create collaborative annotations (which can be edited by multiple people);
  • it has various formatting and freehand writing options.

Use Keep very simple, from mobile or tablet just use the client located on the Play Store and App Store or directly via a browser directly from the page of your site.

On desktop for Windows, Mac and Linux you can use the Chrome browser extension or directly from the site, as indicated above.

Once you reach the service, just log in with your Google account (or Gmail the same). At this point you can easily create notes, read and organize the notes present and share them. All through the elementary interface, which has a few simple but intuitive buttons.


App for taking notes: OneNote

This is the Microsoft clipboard app, like the free and unlimited Google app, with a slightly more refined interface and with a few more graphic elements, to personalize your notes more. To use it you don't need to own Office or an Office 365 subscription). OneNote is a very powerful tool and one of the students' preferred solutions for taking and synchronizing their notes. The service available on Windows, MacOS, Android, just log in with the Microsoft account, to have your notes synchronized. Simple use, such as Keep.

OneNote allows:

  • to create notes with different contents (photos, audio);
  • to share notes;
  • to write freehand notes;
  • to create notes without limitation and to synchronize on an infinite number of devices.


App for taking notes: Evernote

This application was also very successful, especially before the launch of Keep and OneNote for Android and iOS. Evernote, like the two apps mentioned above, has various versions for the different platforms, namely Windows, MacOS, AndroideiOS. Unlike the two apps mentioned above for the free version, it has several limitations: it allows synchronization on only two devices, limited storage space and allows offline consultation only from the desktop. You can see the specific limitations on this page.

Applications to take notes on iPad with Apple Pencil, on Surface and on 2 in 1

The new iPads with Apple Pencil, Microsoft's Surface and 2 in 1 tablets with digitizer and pen, are great tools for taking notes. There are many excellent special apps available, here are the best three:

OneNote (Windows, Android and iOS)

App for taking notes: Onenote

We have already talked about the excellent tool from Microsoft, an exceptional tool on this category of devices. In addition to everything we talked about in the last paragraph, it allows:

  • to write by pen recognizing pressure levels, and with handwriting recognition;
  • to dictate the text by voice.

The application as mentioned free on all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Android, eiOS).

Nebo (Windows, Android and iOS)

App for taking notes: Nebo

It is the best software for converting the stroke to text. The app is simply exceptional and undoubtedly one of the best for taking and sharing notes on any platform. Whether you have a tablet with a digitizer from Apple, Microsoft or any brand with Android, you will surely love this app. Here are its most important features:

  • supports cloud services on which notes can be uploaded immediately;
  • the notes can be exported in various Word formats and as text;
  • it does not recognize pressure levels, but the fluid tract and, as mentioned, exceptional recognition;
  • excellent recognition also of formulas and matrices.

The app costs about ten euros and is available on the Windows Store, on the Play Store and on the App Store.

Penbook (Windows)

App for taking notes: Penbook

We are facing another popular app for taking notes. Unlike the first two proposed apps, Penbook does not have text recognition and does not cross-platform, for it offers:

  • the ability to save notes on cloud services;
  • sharing notes in the form of a PDF;
  • various types of sheets, which make the strength of this app;
  • recognition of pressure levels.

Penbook available on the Windows Store at around 20.

Our study on the best apps for taking notes has ended, we hope to have indicated all the best solutions that the market can offer.