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Android apps arrive on Chromebooks

Laptops with the Mountain View operating system are about to end up under a cascade of apps, but the announcement will probably arrive in a month

(Photo: Reddit / InauspiciousPagan)(Photo: Reddit / InauspiciousPagan)

Chromebooks are about to become decidedly more interesting products for a very, very large audience. According to some clues escaped to Google, which produces the Chrome OS operating system, in one of the next versions the laptops will come to support the use of apps written for Android, thus significantly expanding its app park and becoming more versatile.

was the community of Reddit, fiddling with the latest version of Chrome OS reserved for developers, to find the first references to the new functionality. Google has eliminated all traces of the juicy anticipation in a flash, leaving no way for anyone to test, but the screens that users have managed to capture are clear: Android apps are coming soon.

(Photo: Reddit / TheWiseYoda)(Photo: Reddit / TheWiseYoda)

Google had already run technical compatibility tests between the two systems with a project dating back to last year, but apparently almost ready for an official launch. In all likelihood the Mountain View home will want keep the announcement for your event dedicated to developers, Google I / O, during which traditionally discovers their cards for the year ahead: in this case the appointment would be for May 18.


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