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And the cube ended in a Color Classic …

And the cube right up to a Color Classic … logomacitynet1200wide 1

With a detailed series of photographs, the Mac 512 Usergroup documents how it is possible to insert the contents of the Cube G4 into the case of an old Color Classic, connect it to an external monitor with a Dual Head card and live without regrets whatsoever! also the complete disassembly of the case, the insertion of a 10 ? POS monitor and the addition of two fans. We sincerely do not understand the purpose but perhaps the geek was so fond of his Classic that he was sorry to compare it with the new machines more powerful Apple … Now you can also install MacOS X on it.

To see the curious photos start from this page.

We remind you that we published photos of the disassembled G4 Cube on MacProf some time ago.

For other curiously shaped Macs we recommend this our recent report from MacWorld SanFrancisco.

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