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AGI and Apple Italia together with Sherlock

AGI and Apple Italia together with Sherlock logomacitynet1200wide 1

Does the crowded world of online news notice Apple and its users? It would seem so if AGI, a major national news agency decides to adopt Sherlock's technologies to offer its updates to Apple users. Widely present online, the agency is responsible for providing real-time news. on what happens in Italy and in the world, dealing with news and economics, but not neglecting sports, politics and culture and offering wide-ranging services, all this now available through sherlock. The remarkable step forward, now, after the availability of plug-ins for English-language sites, always of news, we will have the possibility to easily access information in our language and to consult the agency's historical database.

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Other than iPhone XR: iPhone XS 64 GB at 705.90 euros

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