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AAPL: + 10%

AAPL: + 10% logomacitynet1200wide 1

Pi 10%. Really a beautiful day yesterday for Apple.The shares of the Cupertino company with yesterday's performance have reached the maximum of the last two months reaching 21 dollars and 11 sixteenths, a ceiling that they had greeted only last November 3. The volume of exchanges is also high with over 15 million pieces exchanged. Difficult to say what caused the leap forward in the AAPL title. The impression in any case that the market is moving in search of business and that yesterday, with the Federal Reserve's interest cut in sight, was particularly active precisely on securities that are considered particularly cheap and with prospects for growth. Apple is one of them. Although some observers and many retailers, as we say elsewhere, claim that Apple could still have a rather tough quarter for the delays that the new machines will suffer, other sources believe that the worst has passed and that if among the numerous PC makers have one on which to bet this Apple. The belief that the choices the company is making and the technological innovations that Cupertino historically rides with great courage will put Apple in a good position.The AAPL stock earned over 7 dollars from the pre-Christmas lows when it hit the bottom of $ 14. Recall that in late September, before the announcements of a reduction in profits compared to forecasts, AAPL was at $ 50.

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