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7 best iPhone video editing apps you can use

IPhones are becoming increasingly powerful and capable of highly intensive activities. With this, even the camera of these smartphones improved to the point where we can even record 4K video. All these features make iPhones highly capable of managing both shooting videos and editing them. So if you are looking to edit your iPhone videos directly on the phone itself, here are the 7 best video editing apps for iPhone:

1. iMovie

iMovie is part of the Apple product suite for iOS (and macOS) and an iPhone video editor app that you can try. While it is recommended that you use more powerful editing software on your Mac, iMovie is more than capable of handling video editing on the iPhone. The app included with the new generations of iPhones and you can use it immediately to create fantastic videos directly on your iPhone.

With iMovie you can import your videos and photos into projects and edit them in an environment extremely intuitive . You can split videos, organize them on the timeline and even add transitions (basic) to video. Also browse through a very intuitive project in iMovie: just drag your finger on the screen.

You can even add filters and themes to the project. iMovie also allows you to add text overlays and filters to individual clips in the project.

All in all, the app is definitely one of the best ways to edit videos on your iPhone, and you should definitely check it out.

Download iMovie from the App Store (free with new iPhones, $ 4.99)

2. Videoshop

Videoshop a powerful video editor for iPhone that allows you to perform many operations on your videos. can record clips directly from the app or import them from your camera roll. After doing so, you can add some text to the clip, add a narration, merge multiple clips into one and more. You can also add orientation shift to video and add transitions between multiple clips. The very powerful tool, and you can perform many manipulations on your videos using Videoshop.

Once assembly is complete, the app compiles the video and you can add themes and filters to the finished videoas well as adding a title, author's name and much more. The app also offers the possibility to export the completed video to Dropbox, Photos or share on platforms like Vimeo, Instagram, YouTube and many others.

Download Videoshop from the App Store ($ 1.99, with in-app purchases)

3. Junction

Splice a video editor by GoPro, the company that manages some of the best action cameras in the world. You can import your photos and videos into the app, to edit them in a movie. The way the app works simple: just import the videos you want to edit and mark important parts (Hilights, as the app calls them) of the video. then you can add music to the video, then the application crops automatically the entire video in according to the marked heights.

So you can crop, add effects and text to the video. it is also possible to change the transitions between two heights. Once you're done with the changes, you can share the video with links or directly on popular services such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. You can even save the video to your camera roll. The app is a simple but powerful video editor that you should definitely try on your iPhone.

Download Splice from the App Store (free)

4. Cameo

Cameo another excellent iPhone video editor application developed from Vimeo . The app offers very simple video editing features, but it works really well. L' clean and intuitive interface and if you just want to do a couple of basic edits on your video, Cameo is the perfect option. The app can import photos and videos from the camera roll and you can easily cut, add music, themes and more . You can also adjust the intensity of the theme applied to the video, to get the perfect effect.

Once the assembly is complete, you can share the video on Vimeo (if connected to the app), or save it on the camera roll. The app It also supports exporting videos in 720p, 1080p and 4K resolutions .

Download Cameo from the App Store (free)

5. Quik

Quik another video editor app for iPhone by GoPro . With Quik, you can quickly create quality videos with a few taps. The app has the ability to import photos and videos from the photo library, from your Facebook or Instagram account. After selecting the photos and videos you want to edit, you have the option to add Hilights to the video clips (just like in Splice). However, you get options for change the format between cinema and square . In addition, you can edit the background music for the video, as well as add one plethora of filters to the video. Quik also has the option to add a title to the video.

Once you're done, you can simply save the video and upload it to Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can also share it directly on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. Of course, you can add the edited video to your photo library, too.

Download Quik from the App Store (free)

6. Video cropping

Video Crop an iPhone video editor app that does just one task: crop videos . If you have a video you want to crop and you want an app that can do it quickly and smoothly, you should definitely try Video Crop. The very intuitive interface. just choose the video you want to crop and then you can select the area you want to crop.

possible cut out in free relationship, or possible select a fixed ratio from the top menu. The app supports also personalized reports, so regardless of the relationship you want to insert the video in, Video Crop satisfies you.

Download Video Crop from the App Store (Free, IAP)

7. Magisto

Magisto a very simple video editor app. With this app, you don't get any features like adding text overlays, skew changes, etc. To the video. However, the appeal of this app lies in its simplicity . Inside the app you can import photos and videos e choose a theme for the video. There are a number of themes available, like dance, among many others. Once you've done it, you have the option of add music to the video, as well as options to decide how long you want the video to be.

You can even add a title to the video at this point. When finished, the app automatically starts creating the video and notifies you when it's done. You have no extra level of control over the video, but exactly what you might need at times.

Download Magisto from the App Store (free, with in-app purchases)

Easily edit videos with these iPhone video editor apps

The latest iPhones are perfectly capable of handling video editing, even if you are editing 4K videos shot with your phone. You can easily use one of these apps to edit your videos and get the perfect movie to share with the world. So, have you ever wanted to edit videos on your iPhone? If so, which app did you use to do it. Also, if you know of any other app that deserves to be on this list, please let us know in the comments section below.