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10 best VPN services

If you've crossed the border with the Internet user of basis, you would surely have heard of virtual private networks commonly known as VPNs, your friends, advertisements or even some authorities that require superb security. In most cases, however, you would have let go of that name, thinking that VPNs were something exclusive for technicians-savvy out there – you were wrong, if you did! After all these developments in the World Wide Web and their influence on us, it has become somewhat necessary to have an extra layer of protection when browsing the Web. It is an effective VPN just for that purpose. Well, if you still have that doubt about why you should use a VPN, we have some answers for you.

  • First, VPN helps you encrypt your Internet traffic, making it untraceable for your ISPs and other authorities
  • Second, the VPN can break those geographic restrictions on the World Wide Web, thus allowing an Asian to control Netflix or Hulu which are limited to the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • Third, and most importantly, you can get rid of stealthy hands when accessing the Internet via public Wi-Fi or other "unsecured" connections
  • In addition, there are VPNs that offer faster download speeds and anonymity when using services like BitTorrent

So, whether you are a traveler who uses many public Wi-Fi connections or a user who desperately wants to get rid of the various surveillance that is submitted to you, you may find a Virtual Private Network useful in many cases. We said, a fact that the increase in the number of VPN services on the market has strengthened the selection process. Here, in this post, we have compiled a list of the 10 best VPN services, considering various factors such as prices and whether services keep records.

1. Private Internet access

Private Internet access is a paid VPN service that is accompanied by a sufficiently large and effective network of servers and extraordinary functions. Private Internet access offers over 3463 VPN servers distributed in 17 countries, allowing you to choose the server based on the corresponding country of the service / product to be accessed.

While the availability of the VPN connection client limited to Windows and Mac, it offers in-depth support and tutorials for over thirty platforms, including Linux, iOS, Android etc. When we consider the case of prices and plans, Private plan Internet access offers unlimited bandwidth, the possibility of connecting up to five devices simultaneously, support for P2P and VoIP protocols, and never keeps traffic logs. Note that it is not necessary to pay for each VPN protocol, but the PP2P, OpenVPN and L2TP protocols are all available.


2. IPvanish VPN

IPVanish VPN, with 170 total VPN servers, offers an impressive VPN Tunneling service that gives importance to users accessing unblocked content. As the company itself calls it, IPVanish VPN can be an All Access Pass that allows you to overcome all those geographical borders and access web content regardless of where you really are. It should be noted that, unlike the first choice, IPVanish VPN allows you to connect only two devices at the same time, although the OpenVPN and PPTP protocols are available with each plan.

In addition, IPvanish VPN offers unlimited VPN bandwidth and you can switch from one server to another as you wish; since the service supports P2P protocols, you will be able to manage Torrents! IPVanish doesn't record your traffic, which is a great thing. When we consider the case of VPN connection clients, IPVanish offers software and apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and you will be able to connect two devices to the maximum, as we said.


3. NordVPN

NordVPN a relatively new but impressive VPN software that packs noteworthy features and affordable pricing plans. In twenty-five different countries, NordVPN has created more than 43 VPN servers, covering every continent with an exception in Antarctica; it should be noted, however, that the availability of protocols varies based on server locations, although well-known locations such as the United Kingdom and the United States support all of these protocols.

You can use NordVPN in almost all popular devices, such as Windows PC, Android or iOS smartphone or even a router and you can connect up to six devices at a time. The unavailability of dedicated connection clients has been replaced by step-by-step tutorials to enable NordVPN on almost all platforms: as of now, dedicated clients are available only for Windows and iOS. Considering all these features, along with support for P2P traffic, NordVPN proves to be a fantastic choice.


4. Free Spotflux VPN

Spotflux VPN comes with a freemium model, where you can access basic features for free, but need to pay for a number of advanced features. As of now, Spotflux available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android and the company is working on extending support to multiple platforms and devices. One of the most obvious features that we have found is the ability to compress data when you access the web from your smartphone with Spotflux and therefore save bandwidth in the long run.

By switching to the premium version of Spotflux, you can have more features such as access to the premium network and the ability to choose servers from the huge list, as well as additional features such as ad blocking and data compression that you access, so as to save bandwidth. Plus, you can connect up to five devices at a time and access an anonymous web through all of them.

  • Price: subscription free but Premium starts at $ 29.99 per year


5. OkayFreedom VPN

OkayFreedom VPN treats privacy and anonymity as the most important things when it comes to the Internet! For this reason, it doesn't offer many features, but it does offer its features in a clean form. There are two plans you can choose from: the free advertising-supported plan or the premium plan that costs you $ 29.95 per year. Literally, once the Windows VPN software is installed, you will be able to eliminate all geographical restrictions.

However, unlike the VPN services mentioned above, OkayFreedom VPN has restrictions in the free version. If paying is not good, you only have 1 GB of bandwidth, which can be updated by inviting your friends to join the VPN service. There is nothing technical like the protocols to be involved when it comes to OkayFreedom and better to call it a minimalist VPN service. A known disadvantage of OkayFreedom that the client is only available for Windows.

  • Price: free [Ad-supported]


6. BTGuard

If you need advanced protection for Torrent-based things you do on the World Wide Web, you should seriously check BTGuard, which is known as the solution for BitTorrent anonymous services. Although more powerful in the case of BitTorrent, other sections of BTGuard are also impressive, we bet. Technically, you may find it to be a minimalist VPN solution, but we can assure you it's worth what you pay for.

Speaking of networking, BTGuard has servers in Toronto, Amsterdam and Singapore, allowing you to choose the server according to the download server. In addition, the solution has worked with many connectivity providers and you can really rely on the network for your torrent downloads and everything else. In addition, BTGuard offers unprotected policy and support for OpenVPN and PPTP protocols and will work well with Windows, Mac and Linux.


7. Hide my ass

Recommended by many popular media, Hide My Ass one of the best VPN services you can ever have! The service comes with a multi-device subscription, which means you don't have to pay for each device, but you can use Hide My Ass on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android with the same level of effectiveness and security. However, the number of devices to be connected to the VPN is limited to two! Hide My Ass also has a pretty impressive network of servers, as it covers 300 workstations with 855 VPN servers which can be chosen based on the address you want to show.

In particular, the network is updated day by day, offering you access to new IP addresses and thus eliminating geographical restrictions. In addition, HMA supports various VPN protocols, including PP2P, L2TP and OpenVPN! But there is something to note: since Hide My Ass is a service from the UK, they can keep partial logs, but there are no restrictions based on bandwidth and everything. So if you don't mind the logging thing, a good choice.


8. Astril VPN

Astril VPN a VPN service that offers in some way equal importance to the security, anonymity and speed of the connection established via VPN, while maintaining support for a wide range of VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, PP2P, L2TP, IPSec, SSTP etc. choose based on your convenience and the purpose of the VPN connection. Regardless of the plan chosen, it is possible to have all these protocols, in addition to support for a huge number of platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android and Wi-Fi router; speaking of routers, it is also possible to obtain pre-configured Wi-Fi routers.

Other noteworthy features of Astril VPN include unlimited bandwidth and unlimited switching of VPN servers, but 2 devices can be connected to the VPN connection at a time. As for networks, Astril VPN has more than 220 VPN servers, distributed in 55 countries. As of now, VPN Software of Astril available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. In addition to all this, regardless of the server chosen, traffic will NOT be recorded, as a precaution to protect privacy.


9. Private tunnel

Private Tunnel is actually the commercial version of the open-source VPN protocol called OpenVPN and you can use Private Tunnel to tunnel your internet traffic safely. OpenVPN is probably the most secure VPN protocol that can be found and Private Tunnel, being an official client, offers exceptional support and integration for VPN connections that use the OpenVPN protocol. Speaking of compatibility, you can use Private Tunnel VPN in Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, through a dedicated connection software. Speaking of data logging, Private Tunnel does not record any type of traffic.

Although comparatively faster, you will have to compromise on selecting VPN servers when you decide to go ahead with Private Tunnel VPN, because Private Tunnel VPN has only 1 UK server and 3 USA servers. Although the Private Tunnel allows you to connect unlimited devices at a time, it does not have a monthly plan; on the other hand, you will have to pay based on the amount of data you use. And there is a 500 MB plan that is free and you can earn 100 MB with other people.

  • Price: free for 500 MB, so $ 12 for 50 GB – no monthly plan


10. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN an easy-to-use virtual private network tunneling solution that boasts numerous features! Some of the features we appreciated in CyberGhost VPN include unlimited bandwidth and unlimited traffic, and all your traffic encrypted using 256-bit encryption which is powerful enough and not traceable. Additionally, CyberGhost VPN's anti-fingerprint feature ensures that none of your steps are logged. Speaking of the server network, this VPN service has 513 servers and they can give you an identity that apparently comes from 30 different countries.

The number of devices that can be connected to the VPN service simultaneously depends on the plan chosen. While the first floor allows you to connect only one device, the premium plan that costs $ 9, 16 has a device that supports 5 devices at a maximum level. And, yes, there are no ads when switching to the premium version while the free version will be supported by advertising. From a support point of view, CyberGhost VPN available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. It should be noted that the P2P protocol is only allowed in some particular servers, even when you have gone through the premium plan. Overall, despite the impressive user interface and functionality, CyberGhost VPN appears to be somewhat limited.

  • Price: free, but premium plans are available for $ 5.83


Here, that's all – you have our list of 10 best VPN services out there, and we've created a list that gives importance to the various factors that matter! Now your time to let us know which VPN you use!