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Your free time can be found in Google Calendar

The app introduces "Goals", a way to help users set their missions

Who is severely irritated by notifications from various apps, such as "hey, are we training? Last week you thought it was the right time … "or" You haven't booked a trip for long, we miss you … ", should give up on the new Google Calendar initiative.

The Google calendar, which is celebrating its first ten years, is introducing Goals, personal missions such as running three times a week, calling a person more often or studying a language.

The positive thing, that once you have indicated to the app what type of goal you have, how much time you want to dedicate yourself and how often, the system will evaluate for itself in which space of the agenda to fit it.

Whenever a new appointment is entered, Calendar would take care of automatically reformulate the sequence of commitments. Does a new event conflict with another Goal? No problem. Calendar takes care of it.

The more the Goals are used, the more the app – for iOS and Android – will learn from the user's habits. Everyone at work.


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