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YouControl: Tunes to version 1.5

YouControl: Tunes to version 1.5 | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

YouSoftware has announced a new version of YouControl: Tunes, its utility that allows you to control iTunes directly from the Mac Os X menu bar.

Version 1.5 introduces compatibility with iTunes 7.1, better support for Podcasts (grouped in a submen) and radios (the station name and other information related to the music transmitted is now shown). A command is also added to switch from shuffle mode to sequential mode and a control that allows you to decide the duration of the ticker, that is the information on the music.

YouSoftware has also implemented numerous improvements to the interface has increased the performance in the selection of songs and in the overall response and fixed several bugs.

YouControl: Tunes 1.5 free and you can download it from this link

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