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With KLM the plane ticket arrives on Messenger

Information and documents on the flight, directly via chat: the new Messenger function for KLM flights


Boarding passes, online check-in confirmation emails, often and willingly mobile screenshots as if there was no tomorrow. Facebook knows this, and everyone knows that Messenger continues to add pieces that make it increasingly a platform. The latest news is the agreement with the airline KLM as a partner.

Thanks to the integration, it will be now possible receive flight confirmation by message, receive check-in reminders, get updates, access your boarding pass and get answers from customer service, directly via Messenger.

This was announced in a post David Marcus, VP of Messaging Products of Facebook:

This is one that I've been personally eager to solve for a while. Removing stress, and complication from air travel. I'm …

Published by David Marcus on Wednesday 30 March 2016

The release of the feature starts today and will be available worldwide from the next few days and weeks. KLM defined the "first company" partner of Messenger: we can imagine that the list is long.


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