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Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker, sun and music with iPod

In good weather, a pleasure to spread in the sun in your garden to tan; even better if accompanied by your own music in the earphones of an iPod.

But if you are in company, how can you share music without the thought of power or cables to be taken outside? Firebox offers a solution that will prevent you from purchasing endless extensions to connect improbable speakers to your mp3 player.

The Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker is a wireless system consisting of a base-speaker pair. The first time the iPod (or other devices with a 3.5mm jack) will be connected, it will be powered via the mains and transmit the audio signal up to 45 meters to the 5W speaker.

A particular feature of the latter is the presence on the upper side of a solar panel capable of capturing the sun's rays, necessary to supply power to the rechargeable batteries contained in it. There is also a remote control for even more comfortable control.

The idea could also be interesting: it will be possible to place the speaker anywhere, just in the sun. It is a pity that the aesthetics of the accessory are not the best: the speaker resembles a cross between a deep fryer and a garbage can. The risk of guests looking for the pedal to lift the lid very high.

For now a risk that only the British will run: the product sold only in the UK at the price of 99.95 Pounds. Certainly very optimistic British will buy it, given that trusting in the sun in the United Kingdom an act of faith.

solar speaker for ipod