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Who to follow on Snapchat in Italy

Snapchat has invaded our smartphones. Here are all the data on the use in Italy and the most interesting profiles to follow

Snapchat (Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)

10 billion. this is the impressive number of videos that are displayed on Snapchat every day, as confirmed by the same platform last week. Dizzying numbers that make the yellow ghost social network one of the most interesting platforms of the moment. But what is the situation in Italy?

In Italy teenagers dominateThe Snapchat craze has now also infected our country. The latest official data relating to Q4 of 2015 attest to share 673 thousand the number of active users, which represent about 2.3% of the Italian Internet population. People who use Snapchat mainly have unet included between 16 and 24 years old (61%), but 1 user out of 5 in the 25-34 range has now become familiar with the app. A net domain of teenagers, which underlines how the use of traditional content is now giving way to a faster and more innovative approach. On the other hand, there are no substantial differences in terms of gender, with a slight advantage of men (60%) compared to women (40%).

Messages first of allThe main action that drives users to use Snapchat to send messages to their friends (56%). The launch of Chat 2.0 certainly constitutes a further stimulus, thanks to the possibility of video chatting and sending voice messages to contacts quickly and easily. The same platform underlined the enormous importance of making more involvement tools available to people, with the aim of replicating the experience of physical communication. The poor tendency to follow brands (19%) certainly very indicative of the type of content that people seek in their experience of use: posts perceived as commercial are in fact penalized by users, who instead prefer genuine Snap and close to their needs.

Sport, fashion and moreVideos, photos, fun and personalized content. Snapchat is marking the path for a new mode of involvement, based on the (almost) total absence of filters and on the real nature of the message conveyed. In recent days, NBC and Snapchat have reached an agreement to broadcast the highlights of the upcoming Rio Olympics in real time. A very important and innovative collaboration in terms of rights, which will allow people to experience the event as never happened in the past. Italian brands and VIPs have been inspired by the yellow ghost to communicate with their communities: let's discover together the most manned sectors and the most interesting accounts of our country.

SportThe world of football has literally been invaded by Snapchat. In Italy the three most active teams are certainly Inter, Roma and Juventus.

The Nerazzurri were the first to launch an account in July last year with the stated goal of offering exclusive content, backstage, photos and videos from the pitch, messages from the Nerazzurri for the fans. The Capitoline club instead made its debut on the platform on October 24, 2015 and from that date it tells in a unique way workouts and match days for its audience of fans. Juventus, on the other hand, chose the eve of one of the most important matches of the season that against Bayern Munich on 23 February to warm the hearts of its fans also thanks to Snapchat. The mission is clear and absolutely in line with people's needs: having fun, learning and seeing new things as much as the youngest ones look for on Snapchat, and what they will find following Juventus black and white fans. Last January 31, the Milan-Inter derby was the first Italian sporting event to be the protagonist of a Live Story, making all the football fans of the world breathe the air of the Milanese stracittadina.

Closing duty for the Sky Racing Team VR46: the Italian Moto 3 team is undoubtedly one of the most social in the world of two-wheelers and has been running on Snapchat for over two months.

Fashion & ClothingNot only sport: fashion is now a major player on the platform, with exclusive backstage events and contents packaged by the major bloggers on the subject. On the brand side, Gucci Snaps are definitely to be kept to be catapulted to the center of the fashion shows. The profile of Calzedonia has also been online in the clothing sector for a few weeks, used by the Veronese company for special events such as the Summer Show on 5 April. Also very interesting are the profiles of the main influencers in the sector, who through their photos and videos make their communities live their passion for fashion directly in the front row. The most relevant accounts are those of Chiara Ferragni, Veronica Ferraro, Chiara Biasi, Irene Colzi and Eleonora Carisi.

MusicRap absolute protagonist in the music field. From Fedez to Emis Killa, passing through the record label Undamento, the password is only one: spontaneity. The singers use Snapchat to show their more human and simple side, communicating what they do during the day without filters to their fans. The profile of Noemi is also amusing and engaging, every day she creates micro stories seasoned with crazy filters and colorful ironic texts. In any case, not only the person behind the artist, but also exclusive contents of the performances and mini clips of songs that have already made music fans fall in love.

The times of the sexting app or just an app for teenagers are long gone. Snapchat is now ready to become a fundamental part of people's social life. Also in Italy.


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