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When does Titanium arrive?

When does Titanium arrive? logomacitynet1200wide 1

In these days we have received many mails regarding the availability of the new Apple laptops, what is going on? And when the machines will be available? Beyond the reasons for the delays, probably attributable in equal parts to the lack of 15.2 ? monitors and the excellent success of product sales, it remains to be understood in what time and what obstacles there are the arrival of the machines in our country. Many sources, in close contact with the large retailers, speak of limited times in about a week, times also confirmed by some employees of Mondadori Informatica stores, in reality we fear that the times are realistically longer. The reason for this pessimism comes from some considerations: firstly, if the machines were really available this week, it would mean that they are already on the way to the distributors' warehouses, otherwise it would not be possible to send them to end users within the week. However, we have no confirmation that this has happened, neither here, nor in the United States. Secondly, the American market slows down deliveries to our country: if there are actually problems with the availability of the machines, in Apple they will first have to worry about the internal market, entering a good number of laptops, and only then will they be able to worry about foreign markets, with the usual priorities, then certainly putting Japan, France and Germany in front of us. This does not mean that the machines will come to us only in a month, but certainly they will not be available for some time in huge volumes, only a few dozen users will probably be able to get their hands on the new laptops in a reasonable time. monitor will regularize, we will be able to return to a normal situation of availability of the machines not earlier than a month, therefore hoping that by then Apple will be able to count on more important volumes, however, at present, the situation is certainly not rosy and in the The United States does not look better, the repercussions on Apple we could know from this evening, when in a meeting Apple discusses the financial forecasts for the next few months and the PowerBook Titanium key will probably also be touched.

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