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Volkswagen presents the iGolf

Volkswagen presents iGolf | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

We have not yet finished talking about the effects on driving in bringing the iPod with you into the cockpit, which Volkswagen already tempts us with in the iGolf. Not a joke: the German car manufacturer has launched (for now in Spain only) a Golf model with a natively integrated dock.

The dock is located in the compartment between the two front seats: the dock available "turnkey", immediately compatible with the audio system installed on the car; it will not be necessary to buy anything other than the iPod, excluded from the automotive "package".

This move by Volkswagen also highlights how much the simple lower case letter "i" placed before a word has now taken on a specific, almost universally recognizable and associable meaning.

For now, the iGolf seems to be available only in Spain, at a price of 18,100 Euros. Will it also be available in Italy? We await confirmation.

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