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Vine's videos without pauses, like in front of the TV

The videos of profiles and channels, with the "watch" button will be displayed one after the other, without pauses

(Photo: inForge)(Photo: inForge)

You need to want to take it, but the option is there. Vine, with the new update of the iOS and Android app, is releasing the function that allows you to see one video after another, without interruption. It will no longer be necessary to touch the clips individually, because they will be transmitted one after the other. Baster press the button watch, to view not only the videos in sequence of a personal profile, but also those of the channels.

The user can decide in what order the videos will be displayed: chronological order, reverse chronological order, that is, that of the news feed, or based on popularity.

Vine, who turned three in January, with this move he seems to want to lead the user towards a new approach to use, even more entertainment. The Watch button will be familiar to users Snapchat, but in this case Vine wants to enhance its archive, making the app a little less "disposable". Tv mode on.


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