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Upload high quality photos from Facebook iOS

If you use the Facebook application on your iPhone or iPad, you can note that the photos uploaded by iDevice do not look of good quality when viewed later by you or someone else. This is because the Facebook iOS application tries to save bandwidth as a default, automatically uploading copies of your photos in low resolution. If this does not satisfy you and you want to upload high resolution images to Facebook for iPhone, in this guide you will see how upload high quality photos from Facebook iOS.

While saving mobile bandwidth can be a good thing for your internet resources, you can't limit the quality of photos shared with family and friends. Fortunately, there is a quick solution that will allow you to upload higher quality photos from the Facebook iOS application and if you have the patience to continue reading, you can see how to do it in a few simple clicks.

How to upload high quality photos from Facebook iOS

To get started, first download the official Facebook application for iOS and log in to your Facebook account. Once logged in, touch the Settings icon, indicated at the bottom right of the screen with three horizontal lines. In the displayed menu click on Settingsand select Account settings.Upload high quality photos from Facebook iOS 1

In the screen Settings, locate and click on Videos and Photos. Finally, in the section ?Photo settings", click on Upload in HD and activate the option (green). This is the option that is disabled by default and that lowers the quality of photo uploads. With the option enabled, you will see a much better quality when you upload photos to your Facebook account from the iOS application.Upload high quality photos from Facebook iOS 2

Facebook app vs. Mobile site

It is important to note that this limitation on the quality of uploading photos affects only the official iOS application of Facebook and not the mobile Facebook site from which you can access from the Safari browser. If you upload photos via the social network's mobile site, the images are always uploaded at the maximum supported resolution by default.

In fact, thanks to the many criticisms of Facebook's iOS application, some users prefer to access the service exclusively through the mobile website. So, if you are not happy with the Facebook application or have problems with the quality of your photo uploads, try using the mobile website, or make the settings you saw previously in the Facebook app.