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There is also an app to find out who uses Tinder

Five dollars to find out that the person you are looking for is attending Tinder: a way to sensitize users about privacy or another way to get other people's facts?

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It looks like one of those texting services like "write his name + her name and calculate the couple's affinity?But promises to find out instead if the person you want to spy on uses Tinder. And therefore, it is assumed you are looking around.Or, much more simply, use Tinder. Obviously, someone might find the question of some interest.

Swipe Buster, using Tinder's bees, asks for $ 4.99 to track down the person the user is looking for: lovers, boyfriends, colleagues, and so on. access the service. He therefore asks for little information, but what he wants to show, on the other hand, how many there may be around the net.

?People have too much information about themselves scattered around: people should be aware of the privacy settings on all the services they use. Hopefully this conversation will remind you"Said the creator to Mashable.

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And therefore, the purpose of the service would be this: awareness raising on data collection (Tinder does this in a completely legal way, for the record). Or the everlasting taste of getting other people's facts, at the modest sum of $ 4.99. Alternatively, Swipe a pi can't in modeguess who".


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