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There is also an app for knowing what your child does on Tinder

The TeenSafe app, with the new update, allows parents to find out what their children are up to on Tinder

(Photo: Corbis)(Photo: Corbis)

Against the anxiety of knowing your children intent on putting hearts on photos of others in search of the match on Tinder, there is a solution, and it's called Teensafe. With the new update, the software for controlling the activities on the smartphone of the offspring offers the possibility of check the movements on the dating app.

With the new version of the app, parents can now check if their children have installed Tinder, view their profile and discover imatchand with whom they have passed beyond and even with whom there have been exchanges of "like" and "superlike". In short, almost everything.

Tinder allows members between 13 and 17 years – 7% of users – to interact only with people of the same age group, which does not prevent someone from lying about their age. However, TeenSafe, through phone backups, informs adults about children's text messages, WhatsApp conversations, geographic location, and much more.

Another application, Swipe Buster, has recently been launched to find out who on Tinder.


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