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The 10 most loved apps by Italians

Photograph of the habits of the connected population. WhatsApp above all but there are also some surprises, especially among the over 50s

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In January 2016, the Italians connected were 37.5 million with a drastic drop (-11%) of those who surf only from a fixed location, or 12.5 million people. Eight million users only use mobile devices while 17.1 million individuals use both the fixed and mobile networks.

27 million users have used at least one application to navigate, with a growth of 19% compared to January 2015, it means that the apps are part of the growth of the internet in Italy. It is no coincidence that the most used WhatsApp app, chosen by 18.4 million users increasingly inclined to replace SMS with instant messaging. During the past 12 months, WhatsApp users have increased by 19%, the same increase recorded by the Google suite of apps, appreciated by 15.5 million people.

The Facebook app is also growing strongly (+ 12%), chosen by 14.2 million users. Nothing is known about Messenger, but it is legitimate to believe that these are upward figures.

Even Microsoft provides popular apps. Skype used by 5.3 million people (+ 17% compared to January 2015) and Outlook by 4.9 million users (+ 12%).

Instagram is growing by 27%, used by 4.2 million people and, at least in terms of percentage of expansion, it follows the Google+ app with 2.3 million users (+ 26%). Twitter grows by 4% and has 2.2 million aficionados while LinkedIn, with just over a million Italians who use it, still records an increase of 17%.

boom for Amazon (+ 37% with 4 million users) but the true surprise, portal chosen by 3.2 million Italians with a 43% dry surge on an annual basis.

The weather app is less good, used by over 3 million users but down by 14%, probably clouded by the applications with which mobile operating systems are equipped.

If the growth and the diffusion of apps are more attenuated among the very young, in the age groups that include the over 50 the increase rates are more appreciable. Instagram grows by 200%, Twitter by 110% and Facebook by 80%.


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